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Monday, August 30, 2010


Just some backgrounds i have laying around on my computer. too many backgrounds ill just put links up. None are nudes. Enjoy
Lol BGs:
Master Yi
Random BGs:


Time to post to WoW news. let see, In the guild Ready check on Kel'thazad, we have down Lich King on 25 and 10 man. I play many classes, From Shaman to Paladin. I play horde only, the alliance can go die. I really do hate them. :). I did Lich King at 4.8k gs as a Healer. Most ppl would say i was carryed but i know what i was doing and i knew the fight. I was second on healing and last on over healing so i think i did a great job. Just waiting on Cataclysm to come out so I can level to 85 and own deathwing!

lol update

Well it looks like i can't make videos on this slow computer lawl. best i get is 11 fps with fraps while im playing. Should i use my camara to do it? I don't know you tell me. 58w's and 52L now, i bought ashe and got to player her twice before i went to bed. I also forgot in the other post theres a Rune page u can use to even make ur heroes even more powerful. post a pix with my stats overview.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Just Started

Started League of Legends this week. Its a game made by the makers of Dota from Warcraft 3. So far its a great game. It is pretty much dota but on there own platform and servers. it is free to play. Each week u get a set of starting characters and they change every week. It has a leveling system with talent tree for when u play games u level up and get better skills and stats to help u own even more. you earn points buy playing games and u can use those points to buy characters you want. I bought 4 characters so far, Master yi, Sion, Amumu, and Xin Zhao. So far my two favorite characters are Xin Zhao and Amumu. My stats is level 14 52w's 42L's and 1 leave due to family. You can find me on there under the name xWhiteStarx. It is a pretty fun game and if u liked dota this is a good game to pick up.  update next week.