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Friday, February 22, 2013

Back From the dead

It's been awhile since I've done one of these blogs. Though I would through a update on what is going on. A lot has change in League of legends. All the things that have changed are: Ui, Champions, Items, Maps, Meta, Rank System. It is Season 3, last season I hit 1450 elo. Beginning of Season 3 in the pre-season hit 1650 elo, drop to about 1300. League system changed over, and I am now Sliver II. League system works as there different tiers then each tier has a division. There's 5 divisions in each tier, and there's 5 tiers Bronzes, Sliver, Gold, Plat, Diamond and new Challenger league for 5v5 Teams. With the new Ui everything is a lot smoother. The New Items give lots of variety in the game. Lots of ways to build champs now. some nerfs to arm pen and magic pen, and hp buffs. A List of new champs and roles that came out since my afk are. The Links will also post to the champions stats and info. This is it for now but I'll post Items next time. and some guides after that have fun! Will post more Wallpapers Later. These are my headphones. There cheap. sounds good, and last a long time. I've had mine for about 5 years now and there still working. with some wear and tear of course but nothing on the wiring.

Sejuani (Tank Jungler)
Ziggs (Mid AP)
Nautilus (Tank Jungler)
Fiora (Top Bruiser)
Lulu (Bot Support)
Hecarim (Tank Jungler)
Varus (Bot Ad Carry)
Darius (Top Bruiser)
Draven (Bot Ad Carry)
Jayce (Top Ad Bruiser)
Zyra (Bot Support)
Diana (Mid AP)
Rengar (Top Ad Bruiser/Jungler)
Syndra (Mid AP)
Kha'Zix (Top Ad Bruiser/Jungler)
Elise (Top/Mid Ap Bruiser)
Zed (Top Ad Bruiser/Jungler)
Nami (Bot Support)
Vi (Top Ad Bruiser/Jungler)
Thresh (Bot Support)