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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

lol update! Click and page View me!

So I went to download Hon but I found out its not Free! So I didn't get to try it out. Lets see, Lost alot this week due to morons because there all fucking leavers. Omg so many leavers. Only got 2 wins in the pass two days. Been playing Ashe she is pretty ownage. I'm pretty good at skill shots with is nice. Right now I'm saving my points to buy Twitch. I'm pretty good with the range people so I though it would be a good addition to my arsenal. Hope to get a lot of time in the next few days so I can hit level 20 and start playing with pros. Rank matches at 20 will be nice at least I'll know there kinda good. Almost 10000 minions killed then ill get my silver metal for it woot. Thanks to Ashe and Johan for telling me to buy him! :P Here is his page if u wanna go look at it.
(Click me! Link to Johan's page!)
It has really nice stuff about Starcraft 2 and has strategies. See u guys Saturday. Ill be poping in everyday and checking comments and doing my thing to keep my followers and the people I follow happy. Happy weekdays and weekend untill then.