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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wensday update

Here we are yay its Wednesday and that means! new characters for the week. rotation has changed and u have a one of the 6300 point characters unlocked. The character was Kennen The Heart of the Tempest. Hes a mini Ninja with full on lighting attacks. So yes hes is a magic using ninja but still a ninja. all the other characters on this week I've played with except Urgot I don't know if I will play him or not. Miss Fortune comes out today and I'm waiting for the patch to download while I'm posting. Shes a pirate. they finally added a new pirate because they only had 1 and there's like 6 ninjas and i guess its just not fair to the pirate lovers. right now i can't get my stats because the game is down but i come back and edit this and up them in i think im around 79win and 69 loses yea im finally over taking my win ration.

editing in 3 hours. bah have to wait till 4pm PDT.
3 hours my ass that took forever.

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  1. i dont like it that almost all new heroes are 6300