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Monday, September 13, 2010

Yes Twitch IS HERE!

Ok I bought twitch 2 days ago and i have to say i love this character! My stealth Action is awesome! so far I've lost only 2 games out of 8 games I've played with twitch with is a good w/l ratio. New Skins and Champion rotation this week. rotation includes:
Alistar  Tank
Corki  Ranged DPS
Fiddlesticks Mage
Gangplank Melee DPS
Heimerdinger Support
Janna  Mage
Morgana  Support
Sivir  Ranged DPS
Gragas  Tank
Olaf  Melee DPS

Morgana/Olaf/Fiddlesticks my favorite for this week line up. let see I hit pass 100 wins this week yay. Time to talk about Mr. Twitch. Twitch is a stealthy bastard that has the nick name John Rambo. because of his over whelming power to spray and take out your team with one look at you. from experience you would like to stay in the back on the team fights because people with try to kill you on site if they see you in the front. so sit in the back and unload your bullets on the unsuspecting fools. the Skills this guy has is! Stealth, Poison slow, Poison Blow up, and my favorite Spray and Pray (aka Rambo).

Stealth and max level you are stealth for 1 min about 70 mana cost, when u come out of stealth you get a attack speed bonus for 10 secs which is the cooldown for stealth so u can unload on some one and get back in stealth in no time.

Poison slow, slows down your enemies when your chasing them or being chased your self it comes in handy for running and blasting your enemies down.

Poison Blow up when you put or stacks of poison on a target you can blow them up for set amount of damage + set amount*Per stack of poison on your target (6 stacks being the max u can have on one target.) this is your bread and butter. when u need that extra damage to take your enemies this is what you want and need to use.really great skill. this would be the first skill you wanna max out next to spray and pray.  

Spray and Pray! this skill Increase your Attack speed for a fix amount and increases your attack range a LOT and like any spray and pray the bullets go right through your enemies allowing you to hit multiple targets!. this skill rocks in team fights if you can get your enemies to line up mow them down with this skill they with hate you forever. This is my favorite character by far.

Happy Weekend you guys (Yes my Birthday is on Wednesday! woot)


  1. looks good.. sc are so totally wow ripoffs though D:

  2. nice ! :D
    and 20-30 min per game wow that must be exhausting ? how many games per day ?