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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Woot Level 20 Comment me!

YES i finally made level 20 but! i can't do solo ranked matches until level 30. DAMM IT ALL! omg soo close to getting my first 6300 ip character and I'm going with Twitch yes! Due to the game being down last week i got double ip for 4 win but as my luck sucks i have not able to win a game yet with it. yes it sucks and i lost a lot of games this week because of fail people gah. at 94 wins and 99 Loses omg its too close to 100 >.< makes me sad. I've ran into the new character several times this week. she seems pretty good but a lot of people that have her suck with her. gah i can't wait to get twitch and start owning with him. i should have him by Monday and ill give a review of what i think of twitch with my first had experience. later till then. :D Happy Weekend to all.


  1. good job

    take off CAPTCHA please if you got it, its so fucking annoying

  2. Kewl story bro! Following


  3. nice !
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  4. how much it takes to get to level 30 ?
    daily love <3

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